Wednesday, January 28, 2004

San Francisco slowly slides into oblivion ?

The George F. Will article at the Sacramento Bee entitled Ueber-left fails in San Francisco surely indicates that the flower-power days of Haight-Ashbury and their aftermath have left their mark on the Golden Gate City in a manner no one really could have expected. Given the constant and real danger of a strong earthquake in this region in the future, is this a Sodom and Gomorrah of modern times?

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

You'll never get to heaven if you break my heart...

You'll never get to heaven if you break my heart...

Via Southern Appeal we are led to Begging the Question and a discussion about various polls indicating that

"94% of Americans believe in heaven
1% believe they are going to hell

92% believe in God and 85% in heaven
74% believe hell exists

84% of all adults say that they believe in the survival of the soul after death
of these, three-quarters (76%) expect to go to heaven
This represents 64% of the total population.

Only 2% of those who believe in life after death expect to go to hell
while 4% think they will go to purgatory."

Begging the Question wonders about the 2% of those who believe in life after death but expect to go to hell, as if there was something wrong with THEM.

YahooPundit has no doubt about those 2%.
Those are the honest ones.

YahooPundit worries about the 76% of the allegedly god-fearing ones (64% of the population !)
who are so dishonest or deluded as to think they will get to heaven based on their PRESENT way of life.

They should all answer the following questions, and reconsider.

What does it take to get into heaven? and why should YOU be chosen?
To help you make this decision, here are my questions:

Have you ever done anything mean?
Have you ever made life worse for someone else?
Have you ever made life worse for someone else by making YOUR life better?
Have you repented and improved? or do you still make life miserable for some of your other humans?

Do you spend your time filling YOUR bank account, feeding YOUR face and those of YOUR loved ones? at the same time that others - perhaps just as deserving as you are - are doing without? or are doing with LESS. What justifies this in the eyes of YOUR maker?

What do you CONSUME and what do you SHARE? And is yours generally the LION's SHARE?
Are you OVERWEIGHT because you are consuming for YOU? Are you "overweight" in other areas of life as well? Are you selfish?
What else are you consuming for just YOU?

Is your life GOOD? what about the OTHER guys? Too bad for them? It's a tough world? Survival of the fittest?
Do you live better than 90% percent of the world population? maybe even 99% ?
What have YOU done to justify YOUR preferred position? or did this come to you by birth? family? inheritance? connections? good fortune?
If you claim to work hard, are there others on this planet who work HARDER? but who ENJOY their life less, through less money, for example.
What reason is there that someone ELSE should be working harder than you are - in the MINES? or elsewhere?
If you have an EASIER life, why should YOU get into heaven?
What if you do NOTHING to help those who have a more DIFFICULT time of it?
Should God let YOU in?

Some people think that getting into Heaven is automatic if they simply allege belief in THEIR faith,
which THEY themselves have chosen. As if a SELFISH choice of religion would open the heavenly gates.
How selfish and how foolish - to think that choice of a "man-made" religion gives any advantage.
The World Trade Center bombers allegedly did what they did for THEIR faith.
They were trying to buy their way into heaven by killing thousands of innocent people. They were sick. They were deluded.
You do not seriously think that a God, if such exists, will allow mass-murderers into Heaven, do you?
In fact, God will not allow ANY murderers or martyrers - see how similar the words are - into heaven, regardless of their RELIGION.

Some people even think that praying will get THEM into heaven - the more prayer the better, especially prayer FOR THEMSELVES.
The World Trade Center bombers prayed five times a day - and still did TERRIBLE things.
These were Terrible Things that NO GOD will ever forgive. All terrorists are headed straight to hell, in any religion.

BELIEF alone will not get you into Heaven. Something else is required.

What about GOOD deeds towards your FELLOW man? Is this not the RIGHTFUL creed of RELIGION? To HELP our fellow men?
What have YOU done to make this world a better place since YOU got here?
Or is your life no better than the beasts, fish and fowl? devour and be devoured? the law of the jungle?

Write down the specific names of the people on this planet who you have personally helped.
Write down what you have done to improve the lives of those around you.

Have other people been BETTER helpers? Do other people do MORE?

Have you done MORE or LESS than the SAINTS ? - who, of course, deserve to greet St. Peter.
But do YOU?

How many people that you know are THANKFUL that YOU are here on this planet EARTH?
Are they MORE or LESS than those who you have made as ENEMIES?
Could those you helped be MORE in number? many MORE?
Do you MAKE enemies? Could your enemies be FEWER in number?
Are they your enemies because of the clash of SELFISH interests?
Does this increase or decrease your heavenly chances?

What percentage of your time do you FILL pleasing your own SELF?
Is that the Ticket to Heaven?
Are others around pleasing their own SELVES as much or less than YOU?
Are they going to Heaven?

Look at the people around you who YOU think are NOT going to Heaven.
Do you have any characteristics which are SIMILAR to theirs?

Is your life guided by what is good for YOU?
and too bad for the other guy. It's a dog-eat-dog world, is it not?

Do you not want to get into Heaven because that would be good for YOU?
and for YOUR soul?
What about all the OTHER souls?
Why should GOD let YOU into the Heavenly Gates just because YOU want in?
Did you earn it?

Now answer the question of Heaven again.
Seriously, will you get into Heaven?
and do you DESERVE to go to Heaven? based upon your GOOD deeds to your fellow men?

Do you deserve it MORE so than how many people on Earth?
Do you deserve it LESS than how many people Earth?
How full is it up there? How many rooms do they have left? Are you sure they will have a place left for you?

What decision will St. Peter make if you CONTINUE to live as you are living?

The guess of YahooPundit is - that you can do MORE, much MORE - to justify YOUR ENTRY into Heaven.

Of course, you MAY get into Heaven anyway ... but don't count on it.

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