Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Who are America's Celebrities ?

Who are America's Celebrities ?

Alex Massie comments as follows on yet another journalist trying to make a career by making up stories:

"Young journalist makes things up on small, if highly respected, Washington weekly. Nobody dead. End of story. This story, this rumpus, tells us nothing about modern America, only about the weakness of Glass's character and the shrill egotism of American journalism."

Well, it is in fact a disturbing commentary on modern America because the young journalist in question, who even managed to get into law school afterwards (how that?), has written a book about himself, and there is even a film, and this person is then invited to TV shows and the like. He will probably become rich and successful wielding the power that money wields. The society does not have its priorities straight.

Are people like this America's modern celebrities?
In some cases, it appears to be so.
It is a very unfortunate statement on the vapid tastes of a certain portion of the American public.

We might call this "junk culture".

To be fair, I suppose it exists in Europe as well, if one views the recent junk books written here recently by people like Boris Becker and Dieter Bohlen, which pander to the lowest of tastes.

Whatever. It is still mindless fare for the mindless.

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